Artzpirationz: Lisa Junius

lisa junius blob collage graphic

Blue moon rising: the celestial ceramics of Lisa Junius. All photos courtesy of @lisajunius

*Sigh* Lisa Junius’s creations are just a special, blue-filled slice of witchy heaven (or maybe the soothing and forgetful waters of the River Lethe, since we are talkin’ witches, here, girl). Dig, if you will, the picture (RIP Prince) of me as a five year old, tagging along with my teenage sister to my cousin’s house, where I was, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, allowed into her bedroom. Picture incense. Picture fairy paraphenalia. Picture a giant black and white tapestry of Jim Morrison tacked to the ceiling and a lot of candles and the Grateful Dead on tape. This is the sort of magical bliss I feel when looking at Junius’s work. Her ceramics are deeply steeped in magical and mythological references, while also being, well, sort of sweet and welcoming, albeit mysterious. Moons, wild women, starry night skies, black cats, all of which make me want to put on Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” and slip into a lavender scented bubble bath with a crumpled pack of clove cigarettes (tres forbidden!) for company. In other words, these are pieces that speak to the eighteen year old rebel in us all, as long as that rebel also really dug Edith Hamilton’s “Mythology.”

More of Lisa’s work can be viewed via Instagram @lisajunius, and her Etsy shop


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