Artzpirationz: Sierra McClain!


Bright bursts of color and rushes of movement. All photos courtesy @sierrarmcclain


To describe a painter’s work as “happy” seems reductive, but that’s by no means my intention in employing the term to refer to McClain. These paintings are “happy” in the most deeply felt and purest sense of the word: happy like memories of pancakes on Sunday mornings as a kid, like the clarity of light through your favorite window on certain spring days. There’s a sense of upward motion throughout McClain’s work, reminiscent of clouds scudding across sky, or flower petals caught up in a water current. Hopeful, ebullient, friendly, her paintings invite, rather than bristle or confront. These are happy paintings.



More of Sierra’s wonderful, inviting paintings can be seen via her Instagram, @sierrarmcclain, and on her website


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