Artzpirationz: Whimsy Calling!

whimsy calling blob collage graphic 2 blue bg

Unicorn wonderland: the wonderful works of Whimsy Calling; all photos courtesy Dayna Corbitt, @whimsycalling

If you were wondering, I love unicorns. I also love sparkle, magical, tiny bits n’ bobs (what some might call “knick-knacks” but I lovingly refer to as “tiny littles”) and, of course, pugs. Do you know how obsessed I am with pugs? Well, thankfully, Dayna Corbitt of “Whimsy Calling” has plucked visions from my version of a lizard brain (imagine an eight-year-old getting a full line of Lisa Frank merch while sitting inside of a glitter kaleidoscope with Candyland’s Queen Frostine for company and you’re roughly there) and made a whole line of amazingly magic, little clay figurines and other ephemera. And yes, she has made both pugicorns (pug/unicorn hybrids, duh) and Ziggy Stardust kitty cats. Life is great!



Β You can see more of Dayna’s too-fun-for-this-world makings on Instagram @whimsycalling, and in her shop at

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