Insta-Faves: Candy Colored Feeds!

I’m all about art around these parts, and about featuring some of the amazing artists I’ve found in my hours of internet surfing important research. Today I’d like to shout out some of those artistes of the new frontier: peeps whose Instagram feeds become carefully curated, beautifully photographed works of art in their own right. Right now we’re talking candy-colored feeds, chock full of bright and whimsical content. Let me take you to CandyLand, grrrl!


tres she

@tres_she: utterly crumbelievable acrylic nail art with a wry, kawaii-infused, pop culture literate take. Think “Rupaul’s: Drag Race”, Prince (R.I.P), and Barbie paired with petal-pink, bondage-influenced pentagrams. Hell yeah.



@sugarbone: a pastel goth fantasy of a feed whose original art features kawaii-friendly heroines more likely to tie you up and flog you than giggle.



@elorasaurus: sweet, fun, girly art from prints to pins. A whole feed infused with sugary fun and candy-colored inspiration. Bonus points for the sweet-tooth friendly pics of magical sprinkle mixes and other tasty goodies.



@fluffegram: the fluff-fueled feed of gourmet fairy floss (that’s cotton candy to us Americans) producer Fluffe features exotic cotton candy creations in lots of yummy (and unexpected) tooth-achingly sweet pastel scenarios. One of the most original Instagrams I’ve ever seen and one of my personal faves among faves.


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